For years we touch different technological solutions. For years, we meet with different solutions. This time allowed us to build our portfolio of applications supporting business and the choice of technology to create our own solutions and mobile, web, which in our experience meet expected by the business, our Customers and ourselves the following criteria:

  • The simplicity and speed of implementation and development - that is, to translate business language into concrete action on the side of technology.
  • Easy to maintain, minimize costs, guarantee a high level of service availability SLA parameters measured.
  • Safety and warranty support business activities, operational , project , data protection.
  • Management capabilities and service by individuals without technical knowledge.
  • Speed ​​of integration and cooperation with other technological solutions.

The key to our solutions and collaboration with partners allows us to support business activities, operational, project , strategic, our clients and their customers in the areas of:

Creation and development of web applications - ASP.NET, MVC.ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, MSSQL, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL. webhosting

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